The New York
Forum Institute

A non-profit foundation in NYC founded by Richard and Cecilia Attias, the NYF-Institute is a response to the wildest economic crises of modern times. All crises, including the current Covid-19 pandemic, highlight the urgent need for innovation and new business models. But the aims of the NYF-Institute are far more than a response to current conditions. Its focus is on concrete solutions for economic growth, creating alliances and fostering relationships, and encouraging young talent and entrepreneurs in challenging times. Since 2010, the NYF-Institute has acted as a catalyst to implement these solutions in emerging markets, such as the “Train My Generation” initiative in Africa.

Our mission

To create platforms where global leaders can ask the hard questions about the future, challenge their views and assumptions about it, explore what it will take to succeed in it, and develop concrete and innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

Our purpose

To promote future-oriented ideas and facilitate innovative partnerships.

Our vision

A world marked by sustainable economic growth, equality, and resilience to systemic shocks and crises.

"Global leaders will benefit from engaged discussions, knowledge sharing and a restless spirit of inquiry in good times and bad times."

Richard Attias

NYF Institute Virtual Roundtable, May 2020


Train My Generation

A primary initiative of The New York Forum Institute and launched by The New York Forum Africa, "Train my Generation" is an innovative educational initiative aiming at reducing youth unemployment in a targeted selection of countries.

This project contributes to the creation of a network of vocational training schools that will equip young people with the skills that companies operating in the growing sector of the economy are looking for. By starting from the business needs, it reduces the current skills mismatch that is the number one source of unemployment and contribute to the economic development at large. The initiative started in Gabon in 2015.


Secondary students provided online exam preparation


Cyber centers


Secondary science teachers trained


Secondary science teachers trained

The New York Forum

Created in response to the global financial crisis of 2008, the NYF regularly convenes a community of top international business and political leaders to focus on pressing issues with worldwide impact, like financial regulation, US-China business relations, and the impact of technology on jobs and climate change.

The New York Forum Africa

The NYFA is a pan-African conference that unites decision makers behind the evolution of a prosperous and stable Africa. Participants include some of the world’s greatest minds — Nobel laureates, ministers, heads of state, entrepreneurs and subject matter experts.